Branding is the joint field of creative group and design studio. First we develop brand concept and philosophy and then visual image according to its creative and marketing platform. Our graphic designers develop final design of the brand. Branding includes: creation of logo and slogan, corporate styling, brand book, interior-exterior design. 

Creator is one of the first companies started developing of Brand book service and market introduction, as the main factor of Brand identity and loyalty. Majority of local brands operate without Brand book, but there are exceptions; we are proud that Brand book of Ministry of Internal Affairs is developed by Creator.

We provide brand developing through interior design (studio, office design, brand zone, show room etc) in 3D programs as far as interior design becomes the main trade mark of the brand with other identities. Examples from these cases are Creator’s projects: Ranina TV Studio Decoration, Clean House Office, RCh Optic Salon.

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